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Danielle is a digital marketing professional, UX fanatic, & hungry to get connected with people who are passionate about technology. She thoroughly researches the User Experience and User Interface industry to stay updated on the latest news and hot topics in the field and learn how to build smarter products. Danielle is founder of UX Crunch - UX for Fintech, where User Interface and User Experience professionals can come together as a community and share everything UI and UX.

Four Years of Design-Led Growth for Fathom London

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Algomi’s Honeycomb demonstrates the impact experience design can have on Fintech London (5th Sept.) - Fathom London, a user experience design agency for Fintech and Capital Markets, and Algomi, the network company providing information-matching solutions for the optimization of fixed income liquidity, have seen market leading growth, in customers, revenue and value in their first

3 Reasons Why Remote Usability Testing Isn’t Trustworthy After All

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The nature of software, app, cross-channel experiences and web-development has been subjected to constant shifts and evolutions with time. Because of these shifts, the market has become increasingly global. With this globalization, the reliance on in-person usability testing and user research has become a heavy financial burden for businesses. Flights, hotel bookings, and time, are

Nudge Theory: Let’s Kill Spending and Start Saving

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This just in - MasterCard is set to transform payments tech worldwide. Well...Woo. Hoo. You'd think I'd be more excited over this news. But, sadly, I'm not. While I appreciate the headline, to me, it seems a bit vague and old news. If you're aligned with the Fintech news and trends, you already heard that

10 UX Articles That Will Enhance User Experience Designers

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2016 is a new era for startups, entrepreneurship and, in turn, UX – no doubt about it. A myriad of products are making their way into the market for a wide variety of customer needs. Financial technology, for example, is disrupting the market. In fact, experts are already identifying Fintech as revolutionary, changing the way

The UX Trends Impacting the Financial Technology Industry

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Financial technology couldn’t boom at a better time – the world has moved to mobile and consumers, even enterprise clients, are strictly relying on mobile-only Fintech applications without hesitation, as these apps are allowing for, literally, on-hand information and immediate transactions. However, since Fintech companies have a rather targeted audience with an unflinching focus, eye

3 Fintech Advantages for User Experience Pros in 2016

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I’m amazed. And I’ll tell you why. Just a couple of days ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop with some friends, and I happened to log into my mobile banking application to check if all was swell before pay-day. On the way, I quickly opened up Billguard to check out my spending habits

The Culprit of Poor CX in Mobile Banking

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As much as mobile banking has been the hype in 2015, the banking industry is experiencing a bit of a hiccup when it comes to mobile banking satisfaction and CX. Since 2012, mobile banking satisfaction has steadily increased. Enter – 2015. Mobile satisfaction rates have dropped. Image Source According to Jenna Cheng of Yodlee Interactive,

The UX-Mas Reading List to Kick Off Your Holiday

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I vividly remember the UX scene some years ago. The user experience arena was saturated with new terms and trends were rising, as technology rapidly evolved and changed the way we interact with devices. The tech industry hasn’t slowed down and new trends are continuing to disrupt the world and leave us in awe. From

35 “One-Liner” UX Tips from Real User Experience Professionals

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A while ago, I began a discussion thread on LinkedIn, asking one simple questions: “If you could give a fellow UX designer one UX tip, in one sentence, what would it be?” Share the love, right? Well, the love was certainly shared. I was pleasantly surprised to see the active engagement in the discussion. Yet,

Developing Mobile Web Apps: When, Why, and How

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There are 6.8 billion people on the planet, 5.1 billion of whom own a cell phone (source). And today, an ever-growing percentage of these devices are smartphones. According to a recent Pew Research Center Study, the number of users accessing the Internet on their smartphones has more than doubled in the past 5 years, as