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Danielle is a digital marketing professional, UX fanatic, & hungry to get connected with people who are passionate about technology. She thoroughly researches the User Experience and User Interface industry to stay updated on the latest news and hot topics in the field and learn how to build smarter products. Danielle is founder of UX Crunch - UX for Fintech, where User Interface and User Experience professionals can come together as a community and share everything UI and UX.

Support For Fintech Startups Is Sky-HIgh

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The increasing numbers of applications for the AWI Ventures’ Fintech accelerator program are a clear testament to the value of the innovation in the financial service sector, the firm believes. “The number of applications from start-ups that are looking to be part of AWI Ventures’ second fintech accelerator program have grown by 50%, since the

What Does Acquisition Mean for UX Consultants?

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Kuddos to Adaptive Path. Truth be told, Adaptive Path took a big risk introducing their new venture in the market back in 2001. They were trying to sell their new service calling themselves ‘user experience consultants’, a service that nobody had ever heard of at the time and even when explained, it still came off

What Is User Experience for the Fintech Sector?

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About a third of Americans in the working class population have less that $1,000 in their retirement savings. Dismal as it may be, this statistic only magnifies a less than impressive banking system that has been in existence for decades now, and this has resulted in subpar financial decisions when it comes to clients and

Ditching the Help Button in the Self-Tasking Age

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With more companies developing new types of software and solutions for the web, user interface complexity is bound to burst some user bubbles. It’s now a basic goal of any web application to make sure that the interface is clear enough for their users to be 100% satisfied and converting.