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Raphael has led the UX at the Citi Innovation Lab TLV, Led the UX @ Cloudyn which was acquired to Microsoft.

9 Rules to Finding Your UX Professional in the Fintech Industry

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Finding a true UX professional is never an easy task; but, when it comes to finding a UX professional for a fintech project, the bar is raised even higher. There are no two Fintech businesses alike and there’s a minimum of business understanding required to even bring a UX professional onboard of which without it,

5 User Stories on How to Successfully Adopt Agile UX into Fintech

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It wasn’t too long ago that we’ve seen technology companies developing their products using the waterfall method, particularly the leading players in the financial industry. The use of waterfall was largely due to the threat of changes in high regulated operations, the tendency not to leave their comfort zone, and the corporate politics factor. ‘Don’t

The Evolution of the Wireframe: How Everything Changed

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Interaction design for any application is becoming quite complicated with time. It was only a simple task just recently, with only Visio being used to describe statistic screen, websites, desktop programs, and even a number of mobile applications. You would find the product manager writing a very long document showing the products as well as